Placement Policy

(T.O.S. Terms of Service)

1. Trusted Family Companion Puppies:

Companion puppies are beautiful, healthy and well-tempered puppies from the litter.  Quite often they are show quality. Our Cane Corso puppies are raised in our home with our family never in a kennel or barn. They are well socialized, exposed to many different early puppy-hood stimuli, children, dogs and adults. We evaluate our puppies utilizing Volhards Puppy aptitude testing prior to them going to their new homes. This helps us ensure each new family is matched with their ideal puppy resulting successful furever home..

  • Each puppy goes home with a written contract, health & temperament guarantees, tails docked, dew claws removed, wormed, and up to date vaccinations
  • Prior to their new homes, we beginning crate training skills & bell training
  • Local Cane Corso puppy families will be provided with FREE training classes at our training school; WAGS dog training
  • All parents are Health Tested
  • Our extended family is provided with helpful online support documents for behavior, children and more
  • Puppies sold as companions are required to be spayed or neutered and cannot be bred
  • Limited AKC registration
  • Clients have the option to crop ears prior to going home
  • Puppies never go home prior to 8 weeks
  • Basic training packages available for pups leaving at 12, 14 & 16 weeks (additional cost)
  • We do not breed for color; you may request a specific color however; we do not guarantee puppies will be placed based solely on a color preference
  • Occasionally a companion family becomes interested in showing their companion and we can visit the possibility and assess a companion between 12- 18 months
    • Companion puppies
    • Prices are firm and not negotiable.

2. Retirement/Placement Dogs:

On occasion we place adults; usually they are between the age of 2 and 5 years’ old

Every good breeder knows the number of dogs they can personally keep that would not sacrifice the attention and care each dog is given. We must limit in all fairness the number of dogs that live with us in our home. Each dog requires love, care and most importantly our time. If we kept every dog, we simply would have too many dogs under our roof. As responsible breeders we care enough for the dogs that have worked hard to help us improve the breed, and know when it’s time to retire them into a loving family home where they can receive 100% of the attention they deserve. We love them enough to let them go.

The benefits of a retirement/placement dog are numerous. An adult dog is trained and a good alternative for prospective owners that work and may not have time for a puppy. Many are prized AKC champions or AKC pointed and Health Tested.

Next time you wonder why a breeder wants to place an adult… remember it is not because they are unwanted, they have been loved and cared for, it is because they deserve their own special family and the love and affection that goes with being the coveted “golden child”.

We thank our extended families that have our retirement kids placed with them. Just like when my son left for the Navy, I knew it was best. The phone calls and pictures remind me what wonderful lives they lead with the families that love and care for them.

3. Show Prospect Puppies:

On occasion we are willing to part with a show prospect. We provide a full “title” guarantee. Our puppies will be able to compete and title or we replace the puppy.

  • We co-own all Show Prospects; some are co- owned for eternity; some are signed over to co- owners after the contractual obligations are met.
  • We retain breeding rights on all show prospects males we produce.
  • Buyers of show prospects are contractually obligated to title the dog
  • We stand behind every puppy with a written contract that covers genetic health and temperament.
  • About breeding rights: We have worked long and hard to establish our quality breeding program. If you want to benefit from those years of breeding excellence, you must be willing to be mentored.
  • To maintain correct breed type, all show prospects are required to have their ears cropped.

All puppies are only AKC registered.
Deposits are non- refundable. Deposits are applied toward the total placement price of the puppy. Deposits are only transferable to another litter if the sex or category of puppy requested is not available in our current litter. If a situation arises and the client isn’t able to take a puppy out of the litter they have a deposit on, they must inform Serafina by the time the puppy is 4 weeks old. The deposit will then be transferred to an upcoming litter more suitable to the client’s timing.

Due to Federal Regulations we do not ship our dogs. We are able to refer you to transportation individuals. We only provide placement to individuals in the continental US.

We do not breed for color – We focus on correct breed type, structure, health and temperament. Color is strictly cosmetic. We do produce all colors; however, we do not guarantee a certain color will be available.