Cane Corso and kids

Cane Corso and kids -
Cane Corso and kids

One of the most important questions a breeder should ask potential owners!

“Do you have young children?”

Why? Because not all corsi are cut from the same cloth.

In most scenarios if children are in the home, raising up a puppy with them is the best option. Most of the time, if Corsi are not raised with kids, they don’t bond well as adults.  It is extremely important for your breeder to be knowledgeable in puppy temperament assessment. This is an crucial tool when placing the correct puppy in a family environment. Temperament should be the key component for families with young children, during their search for a new puppy.

Corsi are great family dogs. But they must learn to respect children and children must learn to correctly interact with the dog. Corsi greatly benefit when socialized and trained with the Nothing in Life is Free training method. Children should participate in day to day training, earning the dog’s respect. As a Corso matures, it will become especially protective of children it has been raised with properly. Adult Corsi can be less social with strangers/intermittent family if there are children in the home. Dogs should never be left unsupervised with young children or strangers. 

Females can be excellent protectors and easy to train for a family that includes young children. Males when going through puberty (10 -18 months), can become more dominant and disrespectful of children in the household if their initial training was not consistent.  

Families who currently have a male dog(s) and children should never include another male in their household. Same sex male aggression is very real in Corsi. 

There are, of course, always expectations to rules, However,a child’s well-being should always be priority. We have placed many corsi successfully in families. Patience is important to finding the right puppy that fits your situation.