Biscuit is fun loving energetic girl…. She is the first to greet you and want to play.. She is Balanced and moderate in stature… Biscuit is currently is 105lbs / 24 inches at the withers.

Biscuit - Female Cane CorsoBiscuit - Female Cane CorsoBiscuit - Female Cane Corso


PennHip .41 .43 No DJD
OFA Heart Clear
OFA Patella Clear

Genetics – Report — Genetic testing is in its infancy with dogs, Testing is a newer tool available to breeders. We have made a choice to share results of dogs we have tested. This is an evolving Science we hope can offer additional information and potential clients understand we are doing our due diligence to produce healthy dogs.

Breed-Relevant Genetic Conditions Variants – 1 tested – None Detected
Additional Genetic Variants – 191- tested None Detected

  • Total 192 genetic variants not detected